National resilience in a changing security environment

National resilience in a changing security environment is the monograph by Olga Reznikova prepared at the National Institute for Strategic Studies. It is the first comprehensive scientific publication in Ukraine on the problem, which has extremely important scientific and practical significance for our country now.

The monograph examines the theoretical and practical aspects of ensuring national resilience in conditions of variability and uncertainty of the security environment. The interdisciplinary theoretical basis for the development of practical measures for ensuring national resilience is proposed. The logic of building the national resilience system and its interaction with the national security system are established. Features of adaptive management of national resilience and specifics of system connections building are determined. The world practices of ensuring national resilience are analyzed in terms of advisability of their implementation in Ukraine. Recommendations on conceptual bases and models of ensuring national resilience in Ukraine, development and implementation of a comprehensive state policy in the field of national security and resilience, improvement of Ukrainian legislation in the relevant field, etc. are developed. The monograph contains a theoretical reasoning of the building a system of national resilience in Ukraine, in which the author took an active part, in particular, during the development of the draft Concept of national resilience system, as well as a number of other draft legal acts of Ukraine.

For experts, scientists, specialists in the field of national security, representatives of state power, public organizations and individuals, all who are interested in the problems of national resilience. The publication can also be useful for the development of regulations and other legal acts in this area.

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