General information

опис зображення

The National Institute for Strategic Studies (hereinafter – the Institute) was created by the presidential decree №127 on March 4, 1992. On December 16, 2002, by the presidential decree № 1158/2002 the Institute became subordinated to the President of Ukraine. On the same date it was defined and adopted in its status as a major research institution, which provides analytical and prognostic support to the President of Ukraine.

The major tasks of the institute are:

  • Organizational, methodical and research support of project proposals of the annual Presidential address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • Research validation, analysis and assessment of problems and perspectives in a  social-political development of Ukraine; 
  • Research assistance of the President of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in their accomplishment of authority in the field of national security of Ukraine;
  • Investigation of challenging issues in realms of economical, demographic, social, humanitarian, ethno-political, politico-military, informational, ecological development of Ukraine, as well as in the realm of the foreign affairs policy;  
  • Investigation and monitoring of provincial aspects of social development;
  • Scientific inquiry of legislative projects and other regulatory legal acts, as well as public initiatives in socio-political sector;
  • Publishing results of scientific research, and active publication of materials, related to the main vectors of the Institute’s research activity.

The Institute submits results of its scientific enquiry to the President of Ukraine in the form of proposals of programmatic documents, expert investigations of regulatory legal acts, analytical reports and proposals on the major grounds of domestic and foreign affairs, the ways of solution of the countrywide and provincial issues of social development.

Research progress of the Institute is highlighted in the monographs, scholarly analytical reports, and research papers. The above-mentioned scholarly production is made public in the form of book products, digests, printed periodicals, and their digital versions in the Internet.

In order to broaden the scope of our scholarly research, and to expose its results to experts and the general public in Ukraine and foreign states, in 2006 the Institute initiated publishing of a quarterly scholarly-analytical digest “Strategic Priorities”. The digest is distributed in a printed version, and can be found in a digitalized version on the web-page of the Institute.

For an extensive discussion of the current issues in the development of Ukrainian state the Institute organizes and leads round-table discussions, conferences and seminars, which include as participants prominent scholars, politicians, state officials, counsellors and independent experts.

The specialists of the Institute are involved into the body of consultative organs, submitted to the President of Ukraine, as well as into official Ukrainian delegations, interdepartmental, institutional and governmental commissions and executive committees.

Academic staff training is provided by the Institute on the grounds of full-time and part-time doctoral and post-doctoral programs, as well as on the grounds of receiving degrees in the following disciplines: economics, philosophy, political science, national security, public administration. There are special academic boards attached to the Institute, for the purpose of thesis defenses and receiving academic degrees.