The Institute’s Library

Electronic library catalog

The Library of the Institute was established in 1992.

The library fund has about 25 215 copies. Book fund — 8 263 copies, periodicals — 13 578 copies, statistical collections and newsletters — 881 copies. The fund of abstracts is 2 458 copies, and the fund of dissertations contains 35 copies.

The library's funds contain a large selection of reference literature, in particular: encyclopedias, among which are unique: "Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary" (edition 1890, in 86 volumes), "Ethnographic collection of the T. H. Shevchenko Scientific Society"(editions of 1898, in 20 volumes), "The World Book Encyclopedia"; universal and specific glossaries; terminology and language dictionaries.

The library receives copies of the World Bank and UN publications. Those include annual reports on world development, fundamental researches of world development trends, and the development of Ukraine.

The statistical collections and bulletins of the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine, which contain information on the socio-economic status of the country by types of economic activity, occupy a significant place in the library's funds.

There is a large fund for information and analytical materials on issues of national security, European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The library has a dissertation fund (Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations defended at the Institute), as well as a fund for abstracts of dissertations coming from all regions of Ukraine.

For replenishment of library funds, the Institute annually subscribes to about 160 titles of domestic and foreign periodicals.