Anatoliy Halchynskyi Memorial Conference (November 2, 2023)

Invitation to participate

Anatoliy Halchynskyi Memorial Conference

Kyiv, November 2, 2023

in the memory of the distinguished Ukrainian scientist-economist and statesman

Anatoliy Halchynskyi (1935-2022)


Conference co-organizers:

  • National Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Institute for Strategic Assessments
  • Educational and Scientific Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University
  • Section of Social and Humanitarian Sciences of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Faculty of Economics of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University
  • Institute of Evolutionary Economics


Conference goal: to promote the creative development of the scientific legacy of Anatoliy Halchynskyi and advance the scientific and methodological support of state strategies and policies in the context of global post-industrial transformations.

Discussion topics:

  1. Through radical economic reforms. The history of systemic economic transformations in Ukraine: stages, experience and outcomes. Ukrainian reforms: pursuit of a paradigm shift.
  2. European choice. A twenty-year path and the future of EU membership candidacy amid global turbulence (socio-economic aspects).
  3. Revising the paradigm of economic knowledge in the post-industrial era. Synergistic economics of the post-industrial world. Innovative economy. Political noo-economics.
  4. Contemporary macroeconomic transformations and ways to prevent currency and financial crises. Essence of modern crises. Maintaining stability of markets and security. Challenges of financial globalization. Monetary policy, the role and meaning of central bank independence in contemporary transformations.
  5. Human-centric economics. The role of economic policy in creating opportunities for equitable development. Mechanisms for inclusive development and reducing social and economic inequality.
  6. Economic recovery strategy. Paths for implementing the civilizational choice pursued by Ukraine amidst global transformations. Instruments of contemporary financial policy in the economic recovery strategy.


The conference will be conducted in a hybrid mode (offline and online) in Kyiv .

The publication of a collection of participants' papers (abstracts) is envisaged in both electronic and print formats
(formatting requirements can be accessed)

Working languages: Ukrainian, English

Participation in the conference and publication of papers (abstracts) are free of charge.

Participants may be provided with an electronic certificate.

The email of the Conference Committee: [email protected]

Start of the ZOOM conference: November 2, 2023, 09:30 AM (Kyiv) following a link

Conference ID: 829 7841 0245

Access code: 508289

Information about the conference on the Facebook page

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