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In the Issue:

Address of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma to the First Session of the Verchovna Rada of Ukraine of the IV-th Convocation, 18 th of June 2002
Message of the President of Ukraine Delivered to the Verchovna Rada of Ukraine
EUROPEAN CHOICE. Conceptual Framebasis of a Strategy of Economical and Social Development of Ukraine from the year 2002 to 2011In

In the National Security and Defene Council of Ukraine
AT the Plenary session of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
Decree of the President of Ukraine About the Appointment of V. Goshowska as Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

Geopolitics and Geostrategy
BERSHEDA Y. R. Reshaping the Structure of Alliances and the Countries in Transition
OZHEVAN M. A. Post-Manhattan Dimension of Contemporary Security Culture
BILYATSKY S. D. , YAROVA N.V. New Processes of World Settlement
BODRUK O.S. Military and Political aspects of the Security Providing

Problems of National Security
SUKHORUKOV A.I. Problems of the Innovation Security of Ukraine
BOVA A. A. Legislative Basis of the Fight against Organizing Crime: USA Experience

Social and Political Processes
YAREMENKO O.O. Development of Social and Political Situation after the Elections: Forecast Attempt PALAMARCHUK V.M. Political Class of Ukraine: Problems of Formation and Capability
ZDIORUK S.I. Religious Organizations and Election Campaign-2002 in Context of the National Interests of Ukraine

Economic and Regional Policy
ZHALILO Y. A. Small and Medium Business Development as a Component of Economical Growth Strategy in Ukraine
NEGEL L. S. Economical Cooperation between Ukraine and GUUAM-countries:Current State and Prospects
MEDVEDENKO I. V. The Role of Middle Class in Forming of the Stable Development Policy

Military Policy and Problems of Defence Industry
PEREPELYTSYA G. M. Ukraine Policy Concerning Peacemaking Activities of Regional and Subregional Organizations in the Black Sea and Euro-Asian Regions
SHALYT Y. V. Future of Ukraine as a Naval State

Humanitarian Problems
BERNADSKA I. V. The Role of Intellectual Property in the State Transformation Policy
KUBELIUS O. A. New Beliefs in Context of Ukrainian-Russian Relations
PYROZHENKO V. A. Science Problems in Context of Open Society Forming

Information Relations and Technology
TSYBULIOV P. M., PYRYATYNSKA S. F., DMYTRIEVA O. S., PARKHOMENKO O. V. Analysis and Forecasting Potentialities of Markets Development on the Basis of Patent Information
LYTVYNENKO O. V. Information Establishment of Ukraine in Context of National Security

Problems and Reflections
KUZMENKO V. P. Historical Cycles of the Developments of Ukraine and Russia in the Theory of their Social and Economical Genesis
SHABLINSKY I. I. To the Definition of Power and World Power Picture S

Scientific Life
KHOMRA A. U. Frontier Migrations in the CIS: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

PYROZHKOV S. I. Education Market in the Global Dimension: European Experience for Ukraine