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In the Issue:

KUCHMA L. Independent Ukraine has realised finally and irrevocably
At the Plenary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
DECREE of the President of Ukraine About the Decision of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine of 31th October 2001 "About the Measures Concerning the Improvement of the State Information Policy and Providing Information Security of Ukraine"
DECREE of the President of Ukraine About the Measures Concerning the Strengthening of the State's Defence Capabilities
DECREE of the President of Ukraine About the Appointment of S. Pyrozhkov as Deputy of the Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine
DIRECTION of the President of Ukraine About the Appointment of S. Pyrozhkov as Head of the Ukrainian Part of Joint Working Group on Defence Reform on Senior Level
GORBULIN M. The Architecture of the European Security System: the Influenceon Ukraine's National Security and the Next Steps in the Further Integration
TOKAR L. The Comparative Analysis of the National Security Concepts and Strategies of Central and Eastern Europe in Context of Russia's and USA Foreign Policies
GNATSOV 0. Information Resources Management in the Decision-Making System in the Issues of Ukraine's National Security
SUNGUROVSKY M. Methodological Approach to the Forming of the System of National Security of Ukraine
PYROZHKOV S. Actual Issues of the Inter-Regional and Frontier Cooperation between Ukraine and Russia
DUBININ E. Dnipropetrovsk Region: the Institutions of Local Self-government and Regional Policy
ZHALILO Y., SMENKOVSKY A. The Strategy of the Realisation of Ukraine's Investment Potential
DANKO M. The Strategic Priorities - the Main Factors of the Stable Economic Development
OLSHEVSKY V. Energetic and Machine-building Industry in the Context of Economic Security
OSTRY O. The World Practice of Attracting and Regulation of the Direct Foreign Investments
KACHINSKY A., GLUTSKYl V., SONKINA G. Analysis of Natural and Technogeneous Security Risks of Ukraine's Regions
CONCERNING ABM-Treaty (the Roundtable proceedings)
BEGMA V., BOROKHVOSTOV V, BOROKHVOSTOV I, KABLOV V. Military and Technical Policy of the Leading World Countries and Russia
BODRUK O. Nuclear Disarmament of Ukraine in the Light of the New World Trends
SYTNYK P., DERBAK A. Ideology of National Affirmation
KRYSACHENKO V. Demographic Dynamic of Ukrainian Nations: Historical Preconditions, Present State and Prospects
GRIGORYANTS V. To the Question of the Features of Ethno-Confessional Conflict Emerging in the post-Soviet Space
BEZLYUDA D, KOVAL O. Humanitarian Technologies in Policy and Their Influence on the Sphere of National Security
SHVALB Y. Social and Psychological Reactions of the Population to mas-media Information About Emergencies
ABOUT the Results of the Scientific Conference "Russia and Ukraine in Contemporary World"
VARNALIY Z. Globalization of the Investment Processes and Ukraine's Financial Security ZAGORODNYUK V. Ukraine-Russia: On the Way to Mutual Understanding
POKOTYLENKO R. Economic Security of the Russian Federation: Legislative, Scientific and Methodical Providing


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